How it works

Our store operates on a donation and distribution system. Community members are encouraged to donate food items or other essential supplies to help keep the store stocked. Likewise, those in need are welcome to visit the pantry during our operating hours to collect items for a small charge of £5 every week, for this we anticipate you will be able to select around £35-£40 worth of produce. We operate on a referral basis with a focus on ensuring equitable access for those most in need.

How to get a referral

Referrals can be made by Citizens Advice, Wokingham Foodbank, First Days Children’s Charity, SHARE Wokingham or Social Services. In order to access the Community Store you would need to prove your level of need and agree to work with either the financial inclusion officer at the foodbank or with one of the team of family support workers from First Days Children’s Charity.